19th July 2024

Former Chief Executive Officer of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation  (BOST) has assured his constituents as well the delegates never to look down on their toils when he wins the primaries and ultimately win the December elections to represent them in parliament for the good people of Bibiani-Ahnwiaso- Bekwai.

In a short statement acknowledging the delegates, the aspiring parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) said  the delegates hold  and play a key role in the constituency in electing the right person to lead them in Ghana’s parliament. 

Below is the full statement

We are poised to leverage our stable democracy to achieve sustainable development and prosperity. Our commitment to touch lives will not end with the fight against the deadly pandemic. We will continue to build the right partnerships and take the necessary actions to build the constituency we want.

For us as a party, taking the right decisions are indispensable. We must continually remind ourselves that there are too many precious lives at stake – the survival of the current generation and generations yet unborn – and that we have a moral duty and obligation to bequeath a more prosperous and a
more secured world to future generations. We must do everything within our power to make it happen; save our people from the indignity associated with poverty and under-development.

This process begins with, you, my cherished and trusted delegates who are working tirelessly at the base of the party. I know your sufferings, and I know how to reward you. Your constant support for the party is duly acknowledged and as part of my commitment to strengthen the support base of the party, I shall reward you accordingly.

Whilst we wait for further directives from party leadership, let us continue to focus on issue-based campaign devoid of personal attacks and insults. Let us bare in mind that, this is a family affair and the public will judge us by our actions and inactions.

Let us, all, continue to abide by the safety precautions against COVID-19 because society need you, alive.

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