16th July 2024

One of the aspiring contestants of the forthcoming NPP national chairmanship position, Mr Kwabena Abankwa-Yeboah has emphasized the need to display a high grade of mutual respect and unity before,during and after the contest.

According to him, unity and mutual respect towards other contestants as well as towards all members of the party is his number one priority.

“I am not going to embark on campaign of acrimony, vilification, animosity, blackmailing and name-calling that would definitely tear us apart, because after elections, we need to come together as one solid family in order to secure resounding victory in 2024.
All of us must show mutual respect to one another to prove to our opponents that there is a binding chord of unity amongst us so that Ghanaians would watch and say yes, this is a serious determined party.

Needless to say UNITED WE STAND,BUT DIVIDED WE FALL. So long as we want to break the 8 year tenure cycle and jinx, we must present a strong undividable front to face 2024.

This is the surest way to defeat our main opponents”To put thoughts into action , Kwabena Abankwa – Yeboah had a tete a tete with another hot contestant for the chairmanship position, Mr Stephen Ayesu Ntim at a funeral of one of the party members to the admiration of party faithfuls.

Mr Abankwah-Yeboah Conferring with Mr Stephen Ntim

It was very friendly and instructive that sent signal to all party adherents that all is well at the top. Indeed when the top is united , the base would follow suit.

Mr Abankwa who has repeatedly advocated for unity in the party postulated that, he is not going to wage any divisive and dirty campaign because if he wins, which is most likely, he would like to work hand in hand with his fellow contestants to plan and execute policies to surmount the big hurdle of 2024.

“We must be seen to be United and solid up here for the grassroots to emulate so that we can move as one strong army ready for victory.
All l ascribe to is one solid NPP family , deviod of any divisions, marching forward together in one accord for massive victory 2024 ; we must remember that, our target and focus is 2024 victory .

I therefore urge my colleague contestants to do same as well all contestants in the National, Regional, constituency and electoral area elections to look attractive to the Ghanaian populace”.

Mr Abankwa has therefore thrown a challenge to all contestants to have a clear points of decent and unifying campaign messages to ensure unity, mutual respect and decorum come 2022 when the internal campaign kicks start in earnest.

Source :Nana Poku /eveningmailgh

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