15th July 2024

With nominations yet to be opened, rumours have it that some people who are interested in the national chairmanship position, and have decided to contest. The names that are making rounds would make the contest keen, if and only if they would be bold enough to pick nomination forms. But for me, I was extremely excited when I heard Honourable Abankwa Yeboah may also be interested in the Chairmanship position for the New Patriotic Party.
The names that are popping up are heavy weights in NPP, however, the most credible and the best person who stands out among them all is Honourable Abankwa Yeboah. Those who are calling on the current National Treasurer for NPP, HONOURABLE ABANKWA YEBOAH for the position of the National Chairman for the ruling party are in the right direction. Indeed he has been tested, and proven that he is the right man for the job. NPP will break the 8, and the Chairmanship of Honourable Abankwa Yeboah will facilitate this achievement smoothly. He is a leader with enormous leadership qualities. He is disciplined, respectful, humble, faithful, kind and has been a good manager of our party purse, and above all he is a unifier.
Some years ago, delegates made a mistake in the choice of a certain National Chairman, who almost ended up selling the party and the will of the patriots to the opponents for selfish gains. Such mistake should never be repeated in our great party. It was only God, and the hard work of the new executives that saved the party and brought the party to power in 2016 and 2020. It is truism that we do not change the winning team. Honourable Abankwa Yeboah the current National Treasurer has been part of the leadership that had worked assiduously in bringing the party to power in 2016 and in 2020.
If he was able to mobilize funds in 2016 and 2020 to win power, he can mobilize people strategically to break the 8 and win 2024. On the basis of this, I hope delegates will throw their support for this faithful, brilliant, vibrant and energetic man to take up the chairmanship position. ‘By the grace’, the Honourable Abankwa Yeboah is the right man for the job, delegates must know.

Source : Aikins Darlington Boafo

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