15th July 2024

Dr. Badu Sarkodie

The government of Ghana has been urged to allocate adequate resources towards the control and elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDS) in the country.

Although Ghana has made some significant gains in the fight against NTDS, the World Health Organization (WHO) believes with the required resources, strong coordination and dedicated partnerships including pharmaceutical partners, the country can accelerate its actions towards the control and elimination of NTDs.

“For an effective control and elimination of NTDs the following are critical; a strong and more efficient health system, improved access to essential medicines of assured quality at affordable prices as well as trained and motivated staff, ” Dr. Sailyann Ohene, Disease Prevention and Control Officer, WHO Ghana Country Office, said.

Dr. Joyce Aryee

She was speaking at the maiden celebration of the world NTDs Day in Accra on the theme “Beat NTDs, For Good, For All.

“NTDs are a group of infectious diseases, including Elephantiasis, River Blindness, Bilharzia, Worms, and Trachoma that are commonly found in poor and neglected communities.

Globally, 1.7 billion persons are affected in 149 countries including Ghana.

The diseases cause severe disability, disfigurement and death and put communities in endless cycle of poverty.

Dr. Badu Sarkodie, Director, Public Health, Ghana Health Service (GHS) said in spite of the limited resources Ghana has made significant gains in the control and prevention of NTDs.

“In 2015, Ghana was certified Guinea worm free. In 2018 Ghana became he first Sub Saharan country to eliminate blinding trachoma,” he said.

Dr. Sarkodie further said the country is preparing a dossier for the eradication of sleeping sickness.

“Ghana has broken the transmission of Elephantiasis from 85 communities, he added.

He said treating affected population or those at risk of NTDs has been the main approach for achieving the above milestones.

NTDs Ambassador, Dr. Joyce Aryee called on the public to support the government’s effort in addressing the challenge NTDs pose to the health and well being of Ghanaians.

“More can be done… Let’s work together to ensure the total elimination of NTDs by 2030,”she stated.

Source: Daily Guide

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