23rd July 2024

Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia

I lament our democracy, which is bedeviled by humans of unwarranted imprudence. These people are haloed by a grim rocky ring like Saturn or Jupiter being jesters of a lesser breed. They think that the seeming flamboyance of English that is spoken by a few educated illiterates from the NDC camp, albeit improperly, makes them subscribe to reason that, sadly, they do not possess. But how can they possess reason when such persons come across as non-thinking and non-performing faceless species of Homo sapiens who have made their abodes in the gutters.
NDC’s Members of Parliament have been on the abusive trend of criticism where they do not see it fit to be decorous towards a Vice-President, who has painstakingly sought to repair what they had damaged over eight years of national rape, blunder, and slander! Let me apologise to the King of England for using the word “luminary” as an appendage to some characters although it is just a sarcastic figure of speech to depict how lowly the NDC has become if idiocy is regarded as luminaria in their dark labyrinths!
John Mahama, the leader of the NDC party, is known to have, allegedly, made statements that served to mock his party and bamboozle their uninformed lot. Majority of NDC’s grass roots people are crass washouts! You see, they do not see reason in the astuteness of Dr Bawumia! They do not see the positive turn-around of the country that had seen the heinousness of incompetence manifest in the flight of Guinea fowls to Burkina Faso, and the cutting of the sod for a poltergeist $10 billion US Dollars Hope City that was just used, allegedly, as a conduit to syphon more money into the private pockets of senior NDC activists. Far from pinning their finger to the cause of the problems of today, they heap nonsense upon nonsense supporting what they opposed and opposing what they supported while they were in Power.
I must admit that the NDC stands accused of illiteracy in that they do not read or know how to. After all, every problem has a root source, and the root source of our curse in Ghana is the NDC!
Recently, I heard one of the NDC pundits advise the government to sack employees in order to save the temporary hiccup experienced with the Cedi. You see, theirs is just wishful thinking. They think that if we fall for this absurdity, the NDC party would have hit the jackpot. They would then go loud on the government for culling the daily bread of innocent Ghanaians. When the NDC is back in power after some 50 or 60 years, if it is still existing by that time, then they should try implementing this senseless argument.
I am told that that person went back to the drawing board after realising that he had not made enough of a fool of himself, so after deliberating with his village witches, he returned to say that Dr Bawumia had gone to India to get juju to save the Cedi. What has the NDC not done to sink our image as a country? They have made us the laughing stock of the international community. They have always brought our nation into the limelight, that particular one that nobody wants shone on. Anita De Sosu once said that the depreciation of the Cedi under their watch was due to dwarfs stealing from the coffers. Isaac Adongo, allegedly, stated that same was the result of high rise buildings! President Mahama, unfortunately, hopped onto the band wagon claiming that dumsor (power outages) were due to too many mobile phones that needed to be charged and the chilled water sachets that sold on the streets!
In everything they did, though, one particular thing stood out; dirty propaganda! You see, there has never been a moment since the ascent of His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo to the Presidency that investors have stopped flooding the country. From within and without, people have come up with all sorts of projects and investments. The one village one dam has recorded hundreds of completed projects of which the NDC has acknowledged just 100. Liars! For the shame of having been exposed as nation wreckers, unpatriotic goons, and treasonous devils, they just do not want to accept that their era was the most reprehensible in the history of this country!
Then they called Dr Bawumia, Bawu-liar! Fine, if it is to make Ghana great again that Isaac Adongo and his mafia breeds do not want Dr Bawumia to participate in, they can call him all sorts of names, we do not care. But we will call him “Bawu-Saint” because the fortunes of our country are turning around with him as Vice-President and head of the EMT! Shame unto the NDC party that has never had Ghana at heart! And their leader, John Mahama has failed the Motherland. He is an empty barrel, loud and frivolous!
Yesterday, I realised that the NDC was running away with stinking propaganda that perfectly reflected their filth. Dr Bawumia was accused of being a British citizen. This is a little example of how the NDC despises the Ghanaian constitution. If he were, how, then, was he sworn in as the Vice-President of the land? How, then, does he enjoy such approvals of his stewardship in this position, both domestically and internationally? Maybe the NDC goons can connive once more with Aljazeera media to do an exposure on this propaganda since the NDC and the former now seem to be sodomising one another in a show of unity with LGBTQ!
Such lazy blabbermouths the unfortunate NDC grassroots and their leaders are!

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