15th July 2024

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia has urged Ghanaians of all religious persuasions to voluntarily contribute to the construction of the National Cathedral.


Plans for the construction of a National Cathedral continues to generate lively debate, and although Government insists it will be funded by the private sector, and serve as a multi-purpose national edifice, some have raised concern about its usefulness and cost.


Speaking at the Adabraka Official Town branch of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana over the weekend, Dr Bawumia underscored the importance of the cathedral, and urged all to help build it “for Ghana and for the glory of God.”


“As you all know, there are efforts to build a National Cathedral. It is very important that we build the Cathedral. It is a voluntary exercise; anybody who wants to contribute can contribute. I have contributed, and I will contribute some more. So, I encourage everybody to think about it, and let’s build it. It is not for anybody. It is for Ghana and for the glory of God,” he emphasised.


He added that a voluntary, national contribution for the construction of the cathedral would further cement Ghana’s standing as a religiously-diverse country living at peace with itself.


“Ghana is Africa’s second most peaceful country, with adherents of many religions living and working together to build the nation. The construction of the cathedral would be add further to our enviable record of peaceful co-existence,” he stated.


Pulpit as peace conduits


Dr Bawumia again urged leadership of religious bodies to use the pulpit and other platforms available to them to propagate the message of peace and unity to help maintain the peace Ghana continues to enjoy.


He also asked them to continue partnering the government in its developmental efforts, with the assurance of an enabling environment for such fruitful partnerships to materialize.


“I wish to urge the leadership of all religious bodies to use the pulpit to propagate the message of peace and unity to stress the need to maintain the oneness and peace the nation continuous to enjoy despite our challenges.


“Christians owe it as a duty to uplift the sense of responsibility in the country as well as help fight pockets of corruption and impunity. Sincere Christians can do this by strengthening democracy and speaking out.


“May we continue to live in peace and harmony as one people with a common destiny. Certainly, we have no other nation but Ghana, so let’s protect it,” he emphasized.


Role of Presbyterian church


Hailing the contribution of faith-based organisations in nation building, Vice President Bawumia had special words of praise for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the first continuously existing Christian Church in Ghana.


“Over the years, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has partnered succeeding Governments to move the development agenda forward. The Government recognizes the immense contribution of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana towards the growth of the nation, particularly in the provision of basic, secondary and tertiary education, healthcare, agricultural services and other social interventions throughout the length and breadth of this country,” he stated.


Dr Bawumia disclosed that the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, according to the Ghana Health Services, is the third largest provider of health services in Ghana at the moment.


“We all doff our hats to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana for all these immense social services interventions towards national development.


“Without doubt, the Government alone cannot shoulder the responsibility of developing our dear nation. May I hereby seize this opportunity to encourage the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the entire Christian Community and indeed other faith-based organizations, to continue partnering the Government in its developmental efforts! Please be assured that we shall continue to provide the enabling environment for such fruitful partnership to materialize,” he said.


Dedicated service


Dr Bawumia commended Rev Kwadwo Owusu-Sarpong for his three decades of service to the Church and Ghana, indicating that despite his difficult beginning, “God had a plan for you and His favour has indeed reflected in your life.”


“I implore you to let your voice be heard in the national discourse; the nation needs independent voices like yours. Be assured that you are on the side of God and that He will keep and watch over you.


“As you serve Mother Ghana and the Church, commit yourself to the tenets of the Church and the constitution of Ghana. As 1 Timothy 4:15 admonishes, “Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress,” the Vice-President said.



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