14th July 2024

The state of the abandoned bridge

Residents of Bonkame and Sna, a farming community near Bosuso in the Fanteakwa South District of the Eastern Region, have expressed worry over the late completion of an ongoing construction of a bridge in the area.


They have also registered their displeasure against the contractor for abandoning the project. According to the residents, the bridge’s situation is making it difficult for motorists in the area to transport their farm produce to available markets.


Shoddy work


They added the contractor’s failure to complete the bridge had forced some market women, who ply the road from Osino to Begoro, to abandon that route, and now use the Bunso to Osiem road, a situation which they say comes with extra transportation cost and makes life burdensome.


The chief of Bonkame and Sna, Nene Narh Kwao, said the contractor, ahead of the commencement of the work, blocked the Bonkame stream. He said the delay in finishing the work is, thus, leading to serious flooding in the area whenever it rains. This, he added, is causing huge damage to cocoa farms and other plantations in the area.


“We are in the rainy season and the situation is getting worse every now and then. Farm produce are being destroyed because of the overflow of the river while those harvested are also getting rotten because there is no good road for easy and safe transportation of the products to the market,” he lamented.


Nene Kwao pleaded with the local assembly to come to their aid with immediate effect before situation gets out of hands, and even leads to loss of lives.


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