C/R: Senya Breku residents demonstrate against ‘anti-development’ chief


Residents of Senya Bereku in the Awutu Senya West District of the Central Region staged a demonstration  on Tuesday against the chief of the town, Nenyi Kwaku Issiw VI who they accuse of deliberately working to deprive the area of development.

The angry demonstrators who were wielding placards with various inscriptions such as “Nenyi Issiw, we will match you boot for boot, Nenyi Issiw wash your hands off the universities issues, Nenyi go back to the US” among others, said the conduct of the chief is effecting economic activities in Senya Bereku.

“Nenyi Kwaku Issiw has done nothing to help  Senya Bereku develope” an angry demonstrator said.

Speaking to Citi News in an interview Tufuhene of Senya Bereku Ipi Kwao Bentum IV explained that the actions of the chief has brought division to the town.

He alleged that among other things that the chief refused to provide lands to private developers to build universities in the town.

“The Presby Church and Winners chapel had intentions of building  universities here in Senya Bereku but this chief came in and made sure that the project did not happen,” Tufuhene Ipi Kwao Bentum IV said.

“He even went to the extent of going to Winners Church to boast that he was the one who stopped the Presbyterian church from establishing a university in Senya,” Tufuhene explained.

Ipi Kwao Bentum IV also said there was an ongoing legal battle over the chief’s decision to block Winners Chapel from building a university in the area.

“As we speak now  tomorrow we are going to the Winneba High court where the case has been slated to be heard that he doesn’t want Winners to establish a university in Senya Bereku,” said.

According to the Tufuhene, although they support the chieftaincy institution in the area, they do not supoort his actions which are undermining development.

“We support his chieftaincy but we do not agree with him  preventing developing  from coming to the area” the Tufuhene said.

Nenyi Kormitey III the Bemuhene of Senya Bereku also indicated that they they will not stop protesting until their demands are met.

“If our demands are not met we will continue to protest” he said.

Source: citinewsroom.com


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