Diaspora Organisers Ready for 2020 Election win


National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party Sammi Awuku, met his team of organisers from Ghana and across the Globe in Paris to strategise on the 2020 Election.

Sammi Awuku stated that
“In the 2020 elections, the NPP shall campaign on our positive records and that would enable us to inflict a painful defeat on the NDC once again just as we did in 2016,” he said, adding “the NDC was in power for eight years and so we shall compare our landmark successes in our first term with their records, and I doubt if the NDC has any records to campaign for votes.”

The commander general tasked his team of Organisers to commit to work twice as hard as they did for the 2016 Election.

No stone will be left unturned in our collective quest for the election win.

The positive impact of His Excellency Nana Akuffo-Addo’s government on the good people of Ghana is evident for all to see and benefit from. To name a few the Free SHS, planting for food, 1 district 1 factory, 1 village 1 dam, and not forgetting the huge investors confidence in Ghana.

The New Patriotic Party remains the party for the development and advancement of our Nation Ghana as the alternative is SCARY, judging by the mess and the many *create loot* and share cartel that was spearheaded by John Dramani Mahama.

The message to the good people of Ghana is simple, reject the NDC at all cost and its mafia cartel capofamiglia John Mahama.

The only party for mother Ghana is the New Patriotic Party and the President HE Nana Akufo-Addo

Source: eveningmailgh.com


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