25th July 2024


It goes without saying how responsive the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is in the face of initiatives that do not quickly immediately address the needs of the ordinary Ghanaians.

As an arm of government, Parliament (legislature) in its entirety had opened up a subject matter to construct a 450-seater chamber for Parliamentarians. This is for the purposes of expansion and to accommodate lawmakers for the new constituencies that are to be created soon. Per valuation, the project is expected to start by the end of year 2019 at a cost of $$150-200million. Source of funding not yet determined.

This subject matter from both sides of the chamber (Majority and Minority) has received much public outcry and verbal insults. Interestingly, the opposition National Democratic Congress in its quest to amass cheap and infamous political gains had taken a uey as though they were not the major discussant in this subject matter– a matter they had rather introduced. And now pretends as though its an NPP initiative and had kicked against it early on.

The Presidency, under the Executive, through the President, which serves as the seat of government, had quickly directed Parliament to reconsider its thoughts at this critical season where the attention is on development for the people, first.

We hope Parliament will sweep this matter (its own independent subject) under the carpet for now. And will help the President alleviate all the mess bequeathed from opposition NDC (when Ghana nearly sunk into an abyss). In order for a better Ghana that will be capable of fending for itself.

As communicators, we commend the President for being apt and responsive to the needs of Ghanaians. And calling on Parliament to relax.
Communications Officer
Dome Kwabebya Constituency

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