16th July 2024

The NPP Member of Parliament for Efia in the Western Region, Joseph Cudjoe, has cautioned members of the party against allowing hunger to push them into opposition. According to him, notwithstanding the numerous complaints of hunger by members of the party, their standard of living now is   far better than the days that the NPP was in opposition.

The MP added that some of the party’s members never had the opportunities they are enjoying today at the time that the NPP was in opposition. “We know how opposition feels so don’t allow a little hunger in your stomachs push our great party once again into the wilderness,” he stressed.


Mr Cudjoe, who doubles as the Public Enterprise Minister,  gave this caution at the party’s annual delegates conference held over the weekend. The conference was to take stock of their activities for the past four years and strategize for resounding victory in 2024. He said it was through hard work, commitment  and loyalty of party delegates that the NPP  finds itself  in  power today,  saying nothing should be used as excuse to relinquish power to the NDC.

In the Effia constituency, for instance, Mr Cudjoe recalled that he first won the seat for the NPP with 5, 000 votes margin  and increased it to over 6,000  in the last general elections. He said, although NPP has an edge over NDC in the area,  the tables can easily turn if the hard working delegates relax  or  decide to pitch camp with NDC out of hunger and anger.

The MP regretted that there is always tension between the grassroot and the executive when a political party is in power, with the former accusing the latter of neglect. He said the grassroot usually  shirk their duties and responsibilities to the party,  ultimately ushering   it into opposition.

According to him, it was similar situation which pushed NDC into opposition and urged  the delegates not to allow that to happen to NPP.

He said the NDC had now learnt its lesson  in  opposition  and united with their eyes fixed on NPP  for  loopholes to capitalize on.


The MP noted that the NPP is, by far, better managers of the economy and assured the delegates of plans by his ministry, in collaboration with the State Interest and Governance Authority ( SIGA), to create more jobs in the country.

He reassured them that they will soon be smiling and that by the next five years no Ghanaian youth will be complaining of joblessness.

The Chief Executive Officer of SIGA, Stephen Asamoah Boateng, confirmed this after calling for unity, love and free flow of information in the party. The party’s acting constituency chairman, Mr Tufero, earlier in a brief welcome address said there is now peace and tranquillity in the Effia constituency.

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