15th July 2024

File photo: A Ghanaian voter cast vote in an election

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has issued a press release in response to recent claims made by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) regarding an alleged plot between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Electoral Commission to illegally insert the name of an unqualified NPP Parliamentary Candidate into the Assin North Voters’ Register.

In the press release, the Electoral Commission categorically denies the allegations, deeming them misleading and false. The Commission clarifies that it has not received any request from the NPP to transfer the votes of any individual. The claim of collaboration is dismissed as a fabrication intended to malign the integrity of the Electoral Commission.

The Electoral Commission emphasizes that, according to Article 94 of the 1992 Constitution, a person does not need to be a registered voter in a specific constituency to contest elections in that constituency. Merely hailing from a constituency is sufficient for eligibility, as long as the individual meets the criteria of being a Ghanaian, aged twenty-one or above, of sound mind, and a registered voter.

In cases where a candidate does not hail from the constituency they wish to contest, the Constitution allows eligibility if the person is ordinarily resident in that constituency or has been a resident for a minimum of five years out of the preceding ten years.

The Electoral Commission asserts that these constitutional provisions render the alleged need for voter transfers baseless. The Commission highlights its commitment to transparency, fairness, and integrity in all its operations, underscoring its reputation as the most transparent and accountable commission to date.

The press release also expresses concern over the continuous maligning of state institutions by the NDC without providing substantiated evidence. The Electoral Commission urges the Ghanaian public to place their trust in the Commission to conduct credible elections and emphasizes its dedication to upholding democratic values.

As the Assin North by-election approaches, the focus remains on maintaining the integrity of the electoral process and ensuring that the voice of the electorate is respected. The Electoral Commission’s commitment to transparency and fairness continues to guide its actions, providing reassurance to the citizens of Ghana.

For further information and updates, the public is encouraged to reach out to the Public Affairs Department of the Electoral Commission.

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