16th July 2024

Alan Kyerematen receives nomination forms from the market community

Alfred Kumi Ababio, a member of Alan Kyerematen’s campaign team, has expressed heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the unwavering support demonstrated by the market community towards Kyerematen’s bid for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential ticket. In an interview with Movement TV, Adenta Kumi shed light on the pivotal role played by market queens and traders in propelling Mr. Kyerematen’s campaign forward.

Kumi commended the overwhelming love and endorsement received from market queens, women, and all market traders, emphasizing the profound significance of their support. According to him, when the market people declare their allegiance, it signifies the zenith of political favor.

“The love that has been shown to Alan is massive,” shared Ababio, visibly moved by the united support from the market community. “If the market people declare you, then you are indeed the chosen one, as it signifies the climax of politics!”

He highlighted the collective efforts undertaken by market queens, women, and traders in securing Alan Kyerematen’s nomination form. Their united actions symbolize an unwavering belief in Kyerematen’s leadership capabilities and a genuine conviction that he genuinely understands their needs and concerns.

“The endorsement from the market community serves as a powerful statement of solidarity, underscoring the immense influence they wield in shaping the political landscape. Their united front reflects their aspirations for effective representation and a leader who can champion their interests and contribute to their growth and prosperity,” he explained.

Alfred Kumi Ababio’s insightful interview with Movement TV shed light on the indispensable role played by the market community in bolstering Alan Kyerematen’s presidential aspirations. The overwhelming endorsement from market queens, women, and traders further fortifies Kyerematen’s campaign, positioning him as a formidable contender for the NPP’s presidential ticket.

As the NPP’s presidential nomination process unfolds, the support garnered from influential groups such as the market community will play a decisive role in shaping the party’s ultimate decision. The active participation of diverse stakeholders underscores the democratic nature of the political process and underscores the critical importance of grassroots support.

With the firm backing of the market community firmly in place, Alan Kyerematen’s campaign gains substantial momentum as it advances toward the NPP’s presidential primaries and the subsequent 2024 general elections.

Alan Kyerematen in a group picture with the women

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