Eight most common relationship killers and how to fix them


1. The silent killers of a relationship and how to address them

Most of us know the obvious factors like infidelity or lack of trust that can sabotage a relationship. Besides these, there are many reasons which can erode a happy relationship but these hardly catch our attention until it’s too late. Perhaps it would not be wrong to call these ‘silent killers’ because these are too subtle to get noticed. But you can save yourself and your partner from falling prey to these relationship killers if you are a little careful. So, look out for these signs to protect your bond with your partner from hitting the rock bottom.

2. Harbouring bitterness

When couples are in a long-term relationship or have been married for long, they face this problem of harbouring hidden bitterness. According to relationship experts, suppressed or unaddressed resentments can cause irreversible damage to a relationship. It’s very important to express anger or frustration because suppressed bitterness will come roaring out in the future and can corrode a relationship.


3. Not talking about sexual desires

There are people who shy away from discussing their sexual needs with a partner. Feeling sexually unsatisfied in a relationship is quite common but a lot of couples do not address this issue because of insecurity or fear. But unfulfilled desires could lead to low-self esteem, infidelity and resentment. The only solution to this problem is to talk about desires—let your partner know what you want and what are your sexual needs.

4. Assumptions

When couples boast that they are so compatible that they can complete each other’s sentences, it can be a good as well as bad sign. What they need to ask is—can two people be so close that they know everything about each other to such an extent that they can read minds? Or is it a mere assumption? Sometimes, just assuming about a partner’s likes and dislikes and doing things according can do more harm to a relationship than good. Instead of assuming, it’s better if the partners let each other express.


5. When there are no surprises

Have you ever wondered what makes the initial days of a relationship so exciting and romantic? This is the phase when the partners are discovering new things about each other and they are curious to know more. The element of surprise makes a relationship more enticing. But with time, this sense of surprise disappears and couples become less curious about each other. One of the ways to keep the spark alive is by doing spontaneous things. For example, take your partner out for a dinner date when he or she is least expecting it or exchange sweet nothings when he or she least expects it.

6. Taken for granted

This is one unacknowledged factor that leads to cracks in the most stable relationships. It’s human nature to take a person for granted when you are with him or her for a long time. So, how do you stop that? One of the ways to hold yourself back from being taken for granted is by breaking the routine.


7. Uncomfortable silence

Are you one of those couples who grow silent when there are issues in the relationship? According to experts, uncomfortable silence can do more harm to a relationship than loud arguments. Most people take help of silence to avoid addressing problems. The best way to break this wall of silence is through communication. Make it a rule not to go to bed without sorting out differences.

8. It’s more about ‘I’ than ‘we’

Selfishness is one unaddressed evil that has the potential to ruin even the strongest relationship. The only way to get over this habit of thinking only about your interest is by prioritising what’s best for the relationship.




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