14th July 2024

I am an NPP person with all the trademark colours running through my veins. I love my party beyond anyone’s imagination. Yes, I may not be happy with certain realities, either contrived or forced upon us by world events, but I will, certainly, not wash our dirty linen in public. I went to jail twice for Nana Addo and the NPP under the insidious presidency of Mr John Dramani Mahama in the years of our Lord 2013 and 2016, and my last cell number was “M2”! Have I ever complained having no post? Have I ever complained that I have been sidelined? No not at all! I feel that for every effort there is a reward, and just as it took 40 years for Moses to realise the answer to his prayer at one point in time, I feel that when the time is right, whatever form that reward may come in, it certainly will land. That notwithstanding, what would we gain if we destroyed a party that we have all struggled to carry on our shoulders for decades? Be minded by the fact that when David marched his soldiers for the showdown with Goliath and his army, many fell off along the way like insignificant chaff through a sieve until the steadfast few arrived with him to the battlegrounds. What happened then? Yes, David slaughtered Goliath in spite of the might of the latter’s stature. Guess who lost out on the glory? You guessed right, the soldiers who, erroneously, thought that they would not stand a chance against Goliath and absconded as a result!
Having said that, let me reiterate what I stated in my article of yesterday, published on www.ghanaweb.com, www.ghananewsonline.com.gh, www.eveningmailnews.com, www.topstories.com.gh, and others, that the Honourable Chief of Staff did not donate the said amount of 50,000GHs, but whatever the amount was ,if any at all, it was surely and emphatically not from the coffers. In instances of funerals, other than government obligations, anything she donates is from her own finances. On the issue of Afia Schwarzeneggar, if Honourable has given her anything at all, it is on a personal note. I read a comment by someone, who I thought would know better, saying that someone died because of her. The reason for his assumption was that assistance was requested for the fellow’s surgery, and all that he got from the Chief of Staff was 2,500GHs. He, reluctantly, admitted that Madam Chief of Staff did “assist”, but because he felt the amount was small, he went on to make such a buffoonish and wicked assertion that the patient’s death was her responsibility. Sorry to say, I have heard of stupid submissions before, but I am yet to hear of anything stupider than this!
Sometimes, when one needs assistance, whoever it is that they are seeking same from might just not have it. Personally, I have often found myself in these situations, and when I am unable to assist my footsoldier friends, they do understand because I have been up to task in previous times, just as she has been all the time, although in one’s sight the help is not enough. Back to the Afia Schwarzeneggar issue, why would anyone rant and heave like an overstressed buffalo for not getting appointment using the Chief of Staff’s benevolence to strike at the elders and the Party in general? Go after those Appointees and Executives that are frustrating the rank and file of the party. That way, they will sit up and do the right thing. Form pressure groups and write truthful petitions to the Presidency. Copy the culprits you are reporting! In this manner, you will be shaking loose the chaff in order to maintain the dignity and the unique aura of invincibility that wraps around our party like a halo instead of stirring up unnecessary dirt, which will eventually engulf us all.
The NDC harlots mocking Afia cannot be better than her. For a rock with their cock they were given landcruisers, villas, i10s etc, all from the coffers of the nation. They mocked Afia because she was, allegedly helped in her times of sorrow by Madam Chief of Staff, albeit from latter’s own private pocket, if any at all. At least, she did not steal from the State to hand out charity, unlike John Mahama, who, allegedly, took all sorts of bribes, and used the State coffers to fund political campaigns and landcruisers to his sidechicks. Besides, if Afia had decided to import a coffin for her late father for which she sought assistance to expedite its delivery, would that also warrant the fumes and all the disgraceful insults? By the way, there was no coffin imported. This propaganda will not fly!
I will hasten slowly with any attack on my elephant, but I won’t hesitate to say a big SHAME unto all those who have sought to use this personal act of Madam Akosua Frema Osei Opare to unleash a barrage of attacks on themselves. Yes, themselves ooooo, themselves, because disgracing your own is an act that will boomerang right back onto your face! There is an Arab adage that says, “If you spit up into the air, the sputum will land flat back onto your face!” A WORD TO THE WISE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!
Mo nsusu nkasa, na mor3gu y3nim ase!!!

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