15th July 2024

What we choose to spend our money on or how we use it is never anybody’s business. First of all, for the goodness of Hon Frema Akosua Osei Opare to her, Afia Schwarzeneggar should have kept mute and just cried for her father. But knowing how she is, Afia cannot keep a secret and everyone knows that. We may lament, however, that for once she should have kept her mouth shut. Then again, a dead horse cannot hear the cries of its rider, so why should we be surprised?

I have heard people say, and read posts on social media, too, that some folks have been looking for small moneys to do their kpakpakpa! One person said that he had been chasing the Masloc loan facility for a small amount, but what he sought to portray was nothing short of childishness! They are angry that Chief of Staff did not give them some. I mean really!!! Ok, just for want of a better example let us say that if the folks that Mr A has helped decide to talk about what he has done for them, does it make it right for anyone to get angry for missing out on his benevolence? I do not want to be misconstrued, but this is a similar scenario. Whoever Afia Schwarzeneggar is in anyone’s opinion is their own entitlement, although, it is sad that in her times of sorrow, all sympathy is thrown into the sewer of a hateful society! After all, he who has not sinned may cast the first stone! This does not mean that we should overlook anyone’s audacity against us as a fraternity, oh no, but we must be measured in our reactions to acts of kindness that we may not understand the genesis of especially toward people we may find offensive in one way or the other!
The Hon Chief of Staff did not take money from the coffers to dish out to Afia. That amount was her own personal contribution to the funeral arrangement for whatever reason; a personal decision that has nothing to do with politics, governance, or her office.
So must she not assist anyone she chooses to because she is the Chief of Staff? And must Mr A assist every aggrieved person, who hears that a couple got married at his expense or someone’s child had gone through university because of his intervention be that fiscal or otherwise? Please, let me repeat that what one chooses to do with their money is their own cup of tea, and no one has any right to utter a word of criticism.
This reminds me of the case where a beautiful lady married an ugly man, and the handsome men around became livid, insulting the beautiful bride for not choosing a handsome man to complement her beauty. Who knows, maybe that ugly man had at a point in time done the most honourable thing to her or her family, which aroused a flame called love, hence the nuptial bond.
Can anyone relate to that? So if Afia had once upon a time done something honourable for Madam Chief of Staff, for example, or had awed her in a respectful way, can Madam Akosua Frema Osei Opare be faulted for showing appreciation by helping Afia with fifty thousand Ghana Cedis? Akonkonsafo), does it mean that if one buys a luxury vehicle they will be insulted for not helping people they do or don’t know? Should that be cause for agitation or dissent? I beg to differ!
It is my rule that s3n a 3y3 a me de me fie as3m no, sa p3p33p3 na obiara nso nde w)n fie as3m!


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