15th July 2024

Pamela Watara, a Ghanaian/Kenyan actress and video vixen, known popularly on social media for her huge bust size and controversial videos, has indicated that she does not fancy riding on beef to trend anymore.

This came up during an interview with Foster Romanus on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show after she was asked if she has any beef with one Queen Fatiisha. “An old woman like me?” she jovially responded.

“I haven’t grown that much but at this point in my life, there are some things that I don’t deem relevant. It was back when I was now coming up that I used to entertain those beefs for trends but now, there’s a lot on my plate.

“Your siblings are collecting from you, your mom is collecting and your dad is collecting too so at this point, my mind is fixed on so much and I don’t fancy beefs or trending anymore. If I say something in an interview and it becomes a trend, that’s fine but I won’t sit down to plan any beefs or anything to trend,” she said.

Questioned about how she feels when people sexualize her, the actress replied that it is a normal thing for men to see beautiful girls and have thoughts of having sexual relations with them, and she is not the only girl with huge breasts, therefore she is not bothered.

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