John Mahama’s credibility on the line

John Mahama

The credibility of former President Mahama and the opposition NDC has come under severe scrutiny following their inability to proof beyond reasonable doubt that the northern part of the country really benefitted from any impactful and monumental projects and interventions during their tenure of office.

In their attempt to rubbish Vice-President Bawumia’s challenge to the former President to point to any major legacy left for the people of the north, the five Communication Officers representing the five regions of the north, the NDC could not add anything achieved under the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA), which raises eyebrows.


Lip service

In a joint statement by the NPP Communication Directors from the same geographic area, the party observed that “in the 8 years of the NDC, they paid lip service to providing something concrete for the people of the North. Poverty and hunger coupled with lack of initiatives killed the spirit of the hard working people of the North.”

They continued that “the incompetence and corrupt tendencies of Mr. Mahama rather eroded the gains made by the government of President Kufuor, thereby, worsening the plight of the people.”

“Mr. Mahama and the NDC saw the challenges and problems confronting us in the North, as opportunities to exploit and enrich themselves. This was evident in the way and manner SADA was transformed overnight, into a special purpose vehicle for create, loot and share. Why are our friends in the NDC afraid to mention SADA as their ‘Legacy’ project?” they asked.


Veep’s challenge

“For the records, the challenge from the Vice President was specific to a single legacy the Former President left for the North. We are still at a lost how miraculously our colleagues managed to arrogate policies and projects that preceded the advent of the last NDC government to Candidate Mahama.”

On the claim by the NDC that the West Gonja District Hospital is a legacy of Candidate Mahama, the NPP Communicators pointed out that the said Hospital existed long before Mr Mahama got into politics.

“Probably even before He was born. For the former President and his NDC to ever contemplate claiming credit for building that facility is so worrying and confirms the desperation of an empty opposition”, they added.

Besides, they clarified that “Fufulso-Sawla Road was a project bequeathed to the late President Mills in 2009. Until today, we never knew it was the handy work of the Former President that shortchanged the Yagbonwura and his people with regards to this very project.”


NDC’s lies

Touching on some town roads named by the NDC as “legacy projects”, the NPP communicators replied that “it is shocking to hear the NDC mention the Nalerigu, Gambaga and Walewale town roads as part of their achievements.” “

The Nalerigu town roads in particular were started in 2008 and all the gutters were built before the NPP lost power in 2008. The NDC upon assumption of office in 2009 abandoned the project till NPP returned to continue the project in 2018. The projects are about 97% complete.”

“Same goes for Walewale and Gambaga projects. I am not sure the NPP government excavated these roads but to redo them as is being done. You cannot lie your way back to power”

They further raise red flags about what they described as “unholy list of lies and pure conjecture proclaimed as Mr Mahama’ legacy comes another tale that 1,936 communities were connected to the national grid under rural electrification across the Five (5) Regions.”

“This does not appear to project the NDC as bunch of people who read at all or comprehend when they do. Why is the NDC not bold enough to list the communities they connected to the national grade?”

“It is nothing but the usual empty rhetoric seeking to put dust in the ears of the people of the north. We cannot be responding to phantoms. We waiting for the specifics to this non existing legacy of Mr Mahama.”

Source: Daily Statesman


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