22nd July 2024

Kate Gyamfua, NPP National Women Organiser

The National Women Organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party, Kate Gyamfua, has asked Ghanaians to continue having faith in the Akufo-Addo government, indicating that despite the twin problem of Covid-19 and the Russian-Ukraine war, the government is still delivering on its mandate.

“We admit that there are challenges. Despite these challenges, our lights are still on, school fees of Senior High School students are still being paid, allowances of trainees are being paid, government is paying COLA, we are still recruiting people into public sector employment among others,” she said.

Ms Gyamfua, who was speaking on Wontumi TV yesterday,noted that the delivering on the promises of the government, even in the midst of the ongoing challenges, smacks of a dedicated government that is responsive to the plight of its citizens.


She, therefore, called on Ghanaians to support the government, and keep faith in the President.

Things are hard, but we shall deliver. This is a government that understands the plight of the people and that is why even in distress and financial difficulties, we are still supporting workers with COLA,” she noted.

Particularly to women, she urged them to consider the current situation as wives whose husbands are going through some turmoil and tighten their belts to support the government.

“When your husband is struggling, you don’t leave him; you help him out of the difficulties  Especially if he was not anirresponsible man, you cut your expenses to meet him half-way. That is what I am pleading with our women that let us understand the situation and take charge in the house.

Let us understand that the income we used to have cannot solve all our present problems, so let us take the lead in cutting down some of our expenses and get our husbands to also cut down some of their expenses. Gradually, things will be better and we shall go back to our old ways,” she said.

Bright future

Meanwhile, a Deputy National Women Organiser, Mimi Duah, has called on Ghanaian youth to focus on what the future holds for them under the current government and no lose hope.

Speaking on the same show, she noted that policies implemented by the Akufo-Addo government are future-driven, urging the youth to take advantage of such policies.

“Let us not be despaired by the present hardships. Let us take advantage of policies like YouStart, NEIP, Free SHS, no guarantor student loan policy, among others, to better our lives. The future looks great under NPP,” she said.


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