16th July 2024

Kingmakers Strip Hon Enoch Teye Mensah Naked Over Continues Bloodshed In PRAMRPAM

It is alleged that the Greater Accra Regional Council of State Chairman, Hon E.T. Mensah masterminded the fraudulent installation and a Gazette of a stranger self-styled claimant called Nene Tetteh Wakah as Prampram chief.

According to them, they will continue fight against the arrangement by the Dodowa Regional House of Chief’s to officially Gazette and Bulleting of self-styled Claimant Nene Tetteh Wakah as Paramount chief of Prampram of which they will resist with their last breath.

The heads of the three ruling gates of the Prampram Paramountcy in the Greater Accra Region, namely Abbey Doku Mansro We, Tetteh Djan Larbi Agbo We and Kwei Opletu We, have cited some key personalities in the Chieftaincy institution in the greater Accra region for the incessant bloodshed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Seitse of Prampram, Nuumo Osabu Abbey, said all the family demand from government is the outcome of a meeting chaired by the regional council of state chairman, Hon E.T Mensah of which he was tasked to resolve the Chieftaincy crisis in Pramrpam.

According to him, per the said meeting, Hon E.T passed a resolution of ensuring the court determines the who is the legitimate chief of Pramrpam, after the kingmakers had presented a solid evidence backing their claims that, the said Nene Tetteh Wakah does not hail from any of the 3 ruling gates, hence his claim to the stool is fraudulent.

And so, they find it difficult to understand why the regional House of Chiefs will take such a posture, when the courts are yet to rule on the matter.

He call on BNI, Ghana Police Service, National security and other agencies that matters to quickly arrest and detained perpetrators who doesn’t want peace in Prampram and failure to do so they have no option than to take the Laws into their own hands.

Nuumo Osabu Abbey also warned Hon E.T. Mensah to stay out of the matter he has officially declared his stands and support to stranger’s rather than the custodians of Prampram.

He cautioned that the Regional House of Chief’s President Shia Osudoku Mantse, King Odai Walentse chief of Nungua and the registry Mr Enoch Addo must stop the issue who own capacity or not rather face reality of the matter before them.

According to him, he did the installation of both the head of family and the queenmother, so what they’re saying that he rather doesn’t have capacity to determine who becomes what.

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