16th July 2024

There are reports that at least three people are feared dead following flooding at the Ahenema Kokoben suburb of Kumasi last Monday.

Close to three hours of torrential rains left part of the Kumasi-Obuasi road flooded for hours.

The three were part of a group who joined a KIA truck but jumped off as the floods pulled the vehicle to the wrong side of the road.

“I saw them plead with the truck driver to transport them in the bucket since it was difficult to cross due to the rain. When they got to the middle of the river, it had flooded, and the driver attempted to park, but the rain was drawing the car. I saw the people jump into the water, and they disappeared,” a resident, Kwadwo Bosumuru, explained.


Residents are blaming poor construction and building in waterways for the flood. It is the second time the area has flooded this year. Other areas of the city witnessed similar incidents.

At Nhyiaeso, it took neighbours to rescue a man believed to be in his late forties from drowning. His pickup truck was drawn into the stream after losing balance in the flood.

“We came to meet him sitting on top of the vehicle; the water kept increasing. Finally, we were able to get a robe, and we threw it to him, and with that, we could pull him to safety,” another resident explained.

June floods

In June, this year, seven people were killed in similar flood disaster.

At Aboabo, the body of unidentified man suspected to be in his thirties was found while at Sokoban the body of a two-year-old was found.

The Ashanti Regional administrator of NADMO, Nana Atakora Manu, made this known.

He said the successive rains led to the floods.

The first body was recovered at Atafoa; second at Sokoban; and the third at Anloga on the Susan wooden bridge. The third was the body of woman believed to be in her fifties.


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