23rd July 2024

In the last three days, a group of journalists have been assessing the incoming NPP primaries at the Kumawu consistency by visiting delegates in the constituency.

80 delegates out of 400 were approached and interviewed from all the 25 electoral areas. This represents 20 per cent of the delegates. They were asked simple questions on who the popular candidates were, why they would vote for a particular candidate, and some general questions

44 out of 80 delegates noted that Dr Aboagye DaCosta is very popular in the constituency and has a lot of connections in Ghana, government, and aboard. According to them, they have been seeing Dr. DaCosta on television, especially during the Covid-19 days and more recently on YOLO. Some of the delegates were happy to meet him in person and believe he is very influential. Others also see Dr. Da Costa as a unity candidate to bring the tensions in the constituency down. Some of the delegates said Bodomasi is the second largest area in the constituency after Kumawu but has never had a Member of Parliament (MP) or a District Chief Executive (DCE) officer. They think if the candidate comes from Bodomasi, it will be fair.
In the Bodomasi electoral areas, the delegates said they can not have two persons from the same town contesting each other, especially where Dr Da Costa and his nephew Ernest Yaw Anim are both from Bodomasi and contesting. They advised both candidates to dialogue and select one person to represent the town. Though few believe Dr. Da-costa and his nephew are playing political games because they have sighted them campaigning together in the Bodomasi electoral area. According to an informant, they both pledged in a gathering of the bodomasi delegates that they will meet to select one person. Video evidence was shown to the reporters. Feedback from some members of the late Philip Bosoah’s team indicate that they will throw their support for either Dr. Da Costa or his nephew Ernest Yaw Anim.

Lawyer Edward Osei came second in terms of popularity with 37 of out 80 delegates interviewed. Lawyer Osei contested the late Philip Basoah in the last primaries. According to some of the respondents, Lawyer Edward Osei would have been a good candidate, but he collected items he donated to some of the electoral areas when he lost the last election. This has angered the majority of the delegates according to the feedback obtained. Some of the delegates also stated that some of the constituency executives and council of elders had a meeting and threw their support for Lawyer Osei. In the meeting, some executives, including the first vice Mr Kwame Appiah Kubi, walked out. The first vice chairman has picked up a form to contest. There appears to be confusion between lawyer Osei’s camp and the District Chief Executive officer’s (DCE) camp. Some delegates alleged that the DCE is spearheading a return of the former MP, Hon Yaw Baah. Though the delegates noted that lawyer Yaw Baah does not respond to his calls and has lost touch with the people. They think his time has passed.

6 out of 80 delegates said they would go for the first vice chairman of the constituency. The concerns from the delegates were that the first vice chairman is not influential. Some delegates said Mr Kwame Appiah Kubi may not be able to pull resources to the constituency when compared to Lawyer Osei and Dr Da Costa. Even though some delegates noted that they spotted Mr Kwame Appiah Kubi over the weekend with Mr Kwadwo Mpiani, the former chief of staff in the constituency. They believe Mr. Appiah Kubi is not someone who can mobilise resources for development in the constituency.

2 delegates out of the 80 said there is a lady called Ama Serwaa who engaged various delegates over the weekend, but it is their first time seeing her. According to some of the respondents, Ama Serwaa is not known much in the constituency.

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