15th July 2024

Following recent media reports on some illegal activities on going at the Bortianor Hills in the Greater Accra Region, the Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. George Mireku Duker on Thursday, May 5, 2022 engaged the Ghana Geological Survey Authority and the Minerals Commission to obtain a first hand information and get a complete understanding of the issue.

The meeting, which was conveyed at the behest of Hon. Mireku Duker was to enable him abreast himself with the encroachment issues ongoing at the place and the danger it poses to the residents of the area.

In a comprehensive presentation, the Head of seismology at the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA) stated that the area is not earmarked for human settlement.

He explained that the area, per his expert view is ‘an endangered hill which is a hazard” and should not have any human activity ongoing .

He noted further that following development activities on the hilly area, it has now become a risk to human lives especially those in the area.

He proffered that information available to the GGSA indicates that the place is dangerous and exposed to erosion and earthquake fault-lines.

He said that activities such as buildings and sand-winning have compounded the situation there by making it more dangerous.

On measures taken to address the challenge , the Mineral Commission explained that it has not sanctioned any concession for sand-winning and quarry in the area.

It stated that over the years it has undertaken taskforce operations in the area to curtail the situation. The latest of such operation was in March 10th where items belonging to the illegal quarriers were seized.

They submitted evidence of arrests and other attempts made to solve the problem.

After a careful listening to the presentation by the two institutions, Hon. Mireku Duker disclosed his intention to storm the place with a joint military and police task force adding that the Ministry will engage the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Hon. Henry Quartey and collaborate with him to solve the current challenge.

The Deputy Minister demanded a comprehensive report on the hazards associated with developing the place and said the Ministry will take the appropriate measures to deal with it accordingly.


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