23rd July 2024

Ghana National Gas Company Limited (GNGC), Ernest Owusu Bempah

A Deputy Director of Communications of the governing NPP, Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah Bonsu, says recent comments by former President John Mahama are driven by his desperate desire to recapture power in the 2024 general elections “through fair or foul means”.

In a social media post, he insisted that there is something “distasteful and hypocritical” about the former President “who is seeking to take another bite at the cherry, being happy to oversee an amorphous operation codenamed ‘ways and means’ to destabilise the current occupant of the Presidency.”

The NPP Deputy Communications Director also noted that the great Greek philosopher Aristotle was right when he remarked that “it is not possible to rule well without having been ruled”.


This Aristotle theory, he stated, seems to have a perfect correlation with the antics of former President Mahama, “who is now engaging in evil machinations and inferior tactics to stage a comeback”.

“Yes, the grapevine hadn’t lied. Mahama and his surrogates are behind the persistent booing of President Akufo-Addo at various fora. It is trite that Mahama and his backers mobilised their supporters in London to masquerade as protesters to go and embarrass the President,” he alleged.

He recalled that, indeed, the alleged paid agitators booed and hissed when President Akufo-Addo and his wife, Rebecca, were at the London School of Economics (LSE) to deliver a lecture in 2018.

“They followed it up to the US in 200, and resurrected their dirty scheme recently at the Global Citizen concert here in Accra. As if that is not enough, they did it yet again when the President visited Eastern and Ashanti Region just last week.

“As a matter of fact, the National Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, has alluded to this by indicating that the booing of President Akufo-Addo at the 2022 Global Citizens Festival in Accra was a reflection of the mood of the Ghanaian youth,” he added.


Mr Owusu Bempah further revealed that there’s also a commentary from Mahama front men like Okudzeto Ablakwa, Stan Dogbe and the likes, stating that “the booing will continue”.

“What we are witnessing is gaslighting from a political party and its leader. I shouldn’t, at this stage, be surprised the depths to which Mahama will stoop to, but he has shown everyone once again what a depraved and manipulative, scheming character he is,” he stated.

He noted that when Mr Mahama had the mandate to rule the country, he squandered it, stressing that “the attempt by the NDC to breathe life back and legitimacy into a politically dead Mahama is absolutely inconceivable”.

“Realistically, how can the chaotic so recently punctured by the masses and thrown out of office in the wake of massive corruption and ‘dumsor economy’, conceivably hope to return to the presidency? he quizzed.

He added: “This man was indescribably messy the last time he was at the Presidency. He broke the Pres­id­en­tial code and was simply embarrassing at the job. Truly, Mahama was so tired on the job, and was so inadequate, so unpleasant and so very shabby. And yet he feels like staging a comeback by deploying inferior tactics against the very office he is seeking to come back to”.

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