15th July 2024

The Meridian Masquerading club is set to launch into mainstream masquerading in the Tema area this week. The event is scheduled to happen on the 19th of September 2021 at old corner opposite community 8 and 9 junction.

The purpose of the launch is to initiate the club into the competitive masquerading show that has gotten traction in the Tema and Ashaiman areas of the Accra region.

After the launch, the group will show its wardrobe of costumes and skills by embarking on a masquerading procession across the principal streets of Tema.

The masquerading show has become an important part of community life in many parts of Ghana including Secondi, Tarkoradi and Tema.

In these shows, each participant wears a specially tailored costume, with the designs for each club kept top secret until their first public showing.

Clubs usually take to the streets amidst music and dancing, where various skills are exhibited to the awe of the community. At Christmas there are competitions for the best costumes, music and dancing skills. On other occasions, the processions are normally less competitive.

The clubs are an important part of community life, providing a safety net for members who may face financial difficulties from unemployment or funeral costs.

The meridian Masquerading club will become one of the few clubs to have a formal launch and unveiling, and set to lead the masquerading events in the Tema Metropolis.

Source :Eveningmailgh.com

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