Minister-Intern Saga: Nana Tuffuor writes to the minister


Dear Madam Minister,

I hope and believe you and your ministry are doing very well?
Please madam permit me to also ‘put my mouth into this intern interviewing a MINISTER of state issue some.’


I have been in this industry for quite a long time and such issues can make one lose his or her credibility in society if you don’t treat it well.


I know very well that some interns are very good more than some of us who have been in this industry for years, so it doesn’t matter if an intern comes to your office for an interview, but with this issue my point is MADAM MINISTER, if you don’t want an intern to interview you, what about some of us that wants you for an interview but u have been denying us the offer for months because our platforms are not BBC or CNN?


You see what you have brought upon yourself? You people think Multimedia is the only platform you can sell yourselves and ideas so if they decided to send an intern to interview you what’s the big deal here?


Your ministry for more than three times has refused to have anything to do with me because i sometimes descend on the ministry.


MADAM MINISTER ask your directors how many times I have been to their offices to let them know my ideas and plans and letter to the ministry for this SANITATION ISSUES?


MADAM, I can mention names for you if that will be fine with you. Ask KWAKU QUANSAH and ANTHONY MENSAH in your ministry if they don’t know me?


Because I don’t come from a particular station they don’t want to see me or have time with me so please just keep mute and grant that interview.


And HON. OWUSU EKUFFUL, you said what? it pains me more when i heard your comments on this issues.


WOW! power can corrupt as they say. Now ministers’ offices are not for training? That is okay.


2020 is just around the corner and we shall see if you will be bold to say that to media men in this country.


Nobody wants to disregard your office MADAM MINISTER EKUFFUL as you want to put it but it is you and your people who don’t respect some media houses that have brought your offices to that level so give us a break and respect humans as well. But with the SANITATION MINISTRY the least said the better.


Nana Tuffour Ampem Brakatu
Sanitation Prefect


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