25th July 2024

In a bid to enhance the delivery of critical medical supplies to health facilities, the Ministry of Health has assured Zipline, the renowned drone delivery service company, of government’s unwavering support in ensuring the sustainability of its operations.

The assurance came during an event held at the Zipline Omenako Hub, attended by the US Ambassador to Ghana, along with representatives from the Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health to mark the fourth anniversary of the partnership between the government and Zipline.

In his address, Deputy Minister of Health, Hon. Mahama Asei Seini highlighted government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for Zipline to operate.

“As a government-supported ministry, we are dedicated to fostering an environment that allows Zipline to thrive while optimizing standard operating procedures to better serve underserved populations. We will collaborate with the company to address any operational challenges they may face and revise the current standard operating procedures. Rest assured, the government, through the ministry of health, will continue to support your operations”.

The minister also added that the Government is looking beyond the healthcare delivery supply chain to deploy Zipline drones. He said already, there has been some pilot sessions that have had drones deliver emergency relief items in situations of flood. This, he said, will be the next focus of Zipline to utilize the drone services of the company in other viable industries.

Responding to the government’s reassurance, Zipline’s Country Manager, Mawuli Atiemo, expressed his gratitude to the Ministry and underlined the company’s dedication to its mission in Ghana.

“We appreciate the Government and Ministry of Health’s continuous support. We are committed to further strengthening our operations to deliver better healthcare outcomes for all Ghanaians” The General Manager said “To date, Zipline has completed an impressive 370,000 deliveries of medical products to more than 2,700 health facilities throughout the country, positively impacting the lives of over 20-million people”

Over the past four years, Zipline’s drones have been transporting blood, vaccines, and crucial medications to health facilities across the country. The impact of these expedited deliveries has been profound, as infants previously at risk of dying from vaccine-preventable infections now thrive, and mothers experiencing life-threatening complications during childbirth receive immediate medical attention without being referred to other facilities due to a lack of medical supplies.

The partnership between Zipline and the Government of Ghana is hailed as a remarkable example of successful collaboration between the public and private sectors. Together, they have established a seamless network of drone delivery services that have overcome geographical barriers, reduced delivery times, and saved numerous lives leading to Ghana gaining global recognition as a leader in the use of drones for medical logistics

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