The Honorable Member of Paliament for Effutu Constituency, Hon. Alexander Afenyo-Markin met the leaders of various churches and some young men and women in those churches in his constituency

In his address,the MP said the reason for the meeting was for the development of Effutu.He told the gathering that, when electorates vote to elect a leader, their expectations are that the leader will seek to better their welfare.He said this is a reason why when a person feels disappointed with a political party he or she has joined, will decide to leave the party even though same person will not leave his family or change his name when his parents refuse to cater for him.This he said is as a result of the hope the electorate entrust in the various political parties to be able to help them solve their individual problems and that of the Nation as a whole.

The MP told the young men and women that he has been having various discussions with their leaders as to how to cater for their welfare through his business support programme and assured them that he was putting things into place for it to be realised, hence the provision of 50 sewing machines to the beneficiaries who have chosen sewing as a trade.He said after the provision of the sewing machines, another focus will be shifted on members in the church who have established their own businesses and this decision is to let the constituents feel that the government has come closer to them and not until its election time before they will see the importance of the government in their lives

Using the church as an example, the MP said when members of a particular church are economically sound,fund raising does not become an issue but when the finances of its members is not sound,the smallest of church project becomes difficult to be completed.He said it is same with the country. When individuals in a country prosper,the country prospers.

He told the people about the Effutu dream and assured them that he believes in that dream and is therefore showing leadership by example and that was why he decided to invest in the housing project at Gyahadze where 50 houses are at various stages of completion. The project will move to Atakyedo very soon and is expected that by the end of two years there will be a total of 300 houses built. He added that ,this will bring people to Winneba comparing Winneba to places like Aburi were people commute from there to Accra every morning to go and work it has advantage of proximity.

He said for foreign investors to come and invest or for any business person to build a factory in Winneba,the person will want to know how the local economy will help his factory to grow . According to him, the human resource based has to be developed through education so that our people will have the requisite skills to gain employment in those factories.

Again, businesses will have to be helped to grow in order to help grow the local economy. In his words,if we are not able to get the fundamentals right ,it will be difficult to build on it. For we start from one before we can go to two.

He therefore urged the beneficiaries of his various interventions to value the opportunity given them and see it to be their bit to help to develop the Effutu Constituency.

He assured those who were receiving the machines at the gathering that if they are able to complete their apprenticeship training successfully, they will be given industrial machines to work it.

He promised to grow the Effutu economy beyond the university and end the growing trend whereby as soon as the university vacates,all economic activities in the constituency ground to a halt.

He called for the support of all to help achieve the Effutu dream.

Communications Office
Effutu NPP.
Winneba .


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