16th July 2024

Some 26 Eastern Nzema divisional chiefs and queen mothers who recently held a press conference to support the re-nomination of Kwasi Bonzoh, the incumbent Ellembelle DCE, have denied being members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

They insist the NDC tag put on them by Mr Bonzoh’s saboteurs is ridiculous, and should be disregarded by all well-meaning Ghanaians.

As custodians of the land, the chiefs say their core mandate is to promote development, and will therefore support any individual or government with that vision and agenda. They say the most important thing after general elections   is development and not wasting precious time tagging people falsely with NDC, NPP, CPP or PPP colours.

Wondering whether President Akufo-Addo is a president of only NPP members and not all Ghanaians, the chiefs urged Mr Bonzoh’s saboteurs to come again.


The chief of Ampain and spokesperson for the group,   Nana Nyamekeh Fofolle,  stressed that support for the  hard-working DCE is for the good of Ellembelle .                                                   Reacting to the allegation against them on a local radio interview, he asked Ghanaians to critically analyse action by the chiefs and that of ‘the NPP saboteurs’ and come out with their own verdict as to which of the two groups has good intentions for the governing party.

“All discerning Ghanaians should judge between the alleged NDC chiefs pushing for Ellembelle’s development  and those NPP executives who vigorously preached ‘skirt and blouse’, voting against their own party’s  parliamentary candidate,  and state which of us  support the Akufo-Addo government,” he stated.

Reports indicate that Nana Nyamekeh Fofolle in 2017 led some of the chiefs, together with Freddie Blay, the NPP National Chairman, to the presidency to lobby for nomination of one Stephen Donkor as Ellembelle DCE.

No malice                                    

Mr Donkor, now deputy Community Affairs Manager at Ghana Gas, unfortunately did not secure  majority votes from the assembly. The Ampain chief is also said to be one of the opinion leaders who vigorously lobbied for the reconstruction of the neglected Nkroful road under the Akufo-Addo led NPP government.

He reiterated that the chiefs have nothing against other party members contesting the DCE position, but prefer Mr Bonzoh who has distinguished himself as a hardworking  man in the last four years .

Again,  he said the chiefs had monitored Mr Bonzoh’s works in their respective communities  and know what “the young, dynamic and visionary DCE is capable of doing”.

He added, “the devil you know is far, far better than the angel you have never seen.”

Nana Nyamekeh Fofolle used the platform to commend Awulae Amihere Kpayinli,  the paramount chief and president of the traditional area, for exonerating  all  the chiefs pushing for  Mr Bonzoh’s renomination.

By distancing   the  paramountcy  from support for  Mr  Bonzoh  in a counter  press  conference,  the spokesperson said  Awulae  had  really exonerated the chiefs  from  unnecessary attacks by   those accusing  them of doing  so in the name of the traditional council.


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