23rd July 2024

The Suhum Communication Bureau of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed concern over the inadequate street lighting system in the Suhum Municipality. The party highlighted the negative impact of the poor lighting on visibility at night and evening business activities, calling for immediate action from relevant authorities.

This was contained in a press statement released today, addressed to Member of Parliament, Kojo Asante, and Municipal Chief Executive, Margaret Darko, urging them to take measures to address the ongoing issue. The NDC drew attention to the dangers faced by vehicles using the Suhum overhead, a critical route connecting Accra and Kumasi, emphasizing the increased risk of accidents and loss of lives due to the lack of proper street lights.

The NDC questioned the utilization of the MP’s allocation of free streetlights from the Ministry of Energy, calling for the MP to prioritize the needs of constituents and ensure the provision of adequate lighting. They emphasized that in the 21st century, the community should not be grappling with a shortage of streetlights.

Furthermore, the press statement highlighted the difficulties faced by residents on inner roads with poor or no street lights, making evening movements challenging, especially in areas away from the central business district. The NDC called upon the Suhum Municipal Assembly, the Member of Parliament, the Ghana Highway Authority, and all relevant stakeholders to proactively address the issue and provide sufficient street lights in hard-to-reach areas and inner suburbs within the Suhum environs.

The NDC emphasized the importance of protecting lives and properties within the Suhum Municipality and urged authorities to prioritize the well-being of residents by promptly addressing the lack of adequate street lighting. They called for a proactive approach rather than a reactive one to ensure the safety and convenience of all citizens.

The press statement signed by Dove Maxwell, representing the Suhum Communication Bureau of the National Democratic Congress, serves as a call to action, urging authorities to take immediate steps to improve the street lighting situation in Suhum and create a safer environment for the community at large.


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