15th July 2024

Unfortunately, in our country, travesty is celebrated and eccentricity is given attention. Knowing that the owner of the Chelsea soccer club, Roman Abramovich, was being discussed as an oligarch of Vladimir Putin, who invaded Ukraine, violating its sovereignty, it did not take quantum science to understand that sanctions were imminent especially that punitive measures were being discussed by the British government.
So an eccentric Ashanti Regional Chairman of my beloved party, the NPP, gets up with disregardful absurdity to write a letter offering to purchase the said soccer club for a whopping amount of three billion and one hundred million British Pounds, equivalent to four billion and sixty one million US Dollars. I was not amused at all with that objectionable desire for fame, which exudes nonsense and premature offensive ejaculation.
I abhor the fact that in their defense of the indefensible, people like his supporters will come out to say that jealousy drives such articles that seek to set the records straight about wrongful interpretations of unnecessary statements that have a tendency to hurt the NPP whose colours I have running in my blood. It cannot be said that anyone is more NPP than the other, and certainly that can’t be said about me!
A couple of days ago, and with horror as I have felt since the populist letter was floated on social media, I texted a high ranking member of our Party, who was equally disgusted with this unfortunate turn of events. I suggested that Chairman Wontumi has become too full of himself. While the President and every sensible person in this government are doing the impossible to ameliorate the conditions precedent given the ravaging effects of Covid-19 and the outrageous happenings around the world that are bringing unexpected difficulties to bear on us all, this man is putting up a false show of wealth that makes no sense and that is as far away from the truth as the East from the West!
Then again, he does not seem to be circumspect at all, thinking that such rotten effusions are benign. I beg to differ! They rather have damning consequences, and they, certainly, have the tendency to send our electoral fortunes down the drain! I remember one morning we had gathered at Otumfo’s guest house at Nhyaeso where President Akufo-Addo was during campaign 2016. He lamented to those gathered that the NDC had destroyed his excavators numbering six hundred. Then he claimed that he was making one million US Dollars per day! I knew there and then that he was not someone to associate with.
I don’t care what anyone says, but this guy should not be entertained. It is disheartening to note that those who sing his praises are just under his dining table picking up nibbles and pieces of contaminated morsels.
I call on every well-meaning delegate worth their salt to eschew the rhetoric of “choooboi” when it comes to critical events as electing persons to lead the party especially when the contestants are unscrupulous and myopic in their sham populism as “Wontumi”!
Even if he bagged $500 thousand US Dollars every day since 2017 until 2024, he won’t have accumulated half the amount, so how can he make such a dangerous statement, more so putting it out on social media? Of course, and the flagitious NDC put a spin to it making gains with a statement by Odudzeto Ablakwa, who advised Wontumi, sarcastically, to assist government with that money instead of pushing the E-levy. By the way, Wontumi is nowhere nearly as dirty as Okudzeto Ablakwa, who landed a job in Atta-Mills’ government as a mere “kuborlor”, street urchin if you like, who had nothing. He must be investigated, and I am sad that he has not been asked how he amassed great wealth, if not by flagrant theft of the nation’s coffers!
Wontumi owes the NPP people an apology for such unhealthy foolishness, and same must be demanded from him. I am ever ready to clean the slate of the NPP by debunking nonsense as his offer to buy Cheshit! He must understand that when he makes a fool of himself, it transcends beyond his realms! That has a negative rippling effect on the NPP!
Y3nfa )nipa daakye nde agr).

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