23rd July 2024

Seth Kwame Acheampong, Eastern Regional Minister

The Eastern Regional Minister-designate, Seth Kwame Acheampong, has said that vigorous education for developers is required to help curb the constant landslide and falling of rocks in Aburi. He is optimistic that when developers are educated to understand the nature of the land they live on and the various scientific dangers associated with their environment, many of them will take another look at their decisions to carry out development projects in the area.


“The Aburi area is one area we have to be very proactive about. It all comes to one bigger picture, which is education. Education of developers will help us curb any environmental challenges. I believe when developers get this education on how the land reacts, it will help …appreciate the need to stay away or invest in such an area,” the Minister-designate told Parliament’s Appointment Commitment during his vetting on Monday.



Mr Acheampong also noted that to promote agriculture in the region, especially in Afram Plains, he would ensure the introduction of mechanized farming to help transform the local economy.


He stated that since agriculture is the primary source of livelihood in the country, mechanized farming will help promote and transform the sector. He explained that there is the need to introduce modern technology and agricultural mindset to change the face of the sector in the region.


“There are enormous economic potential in the Eastern Region. But we need to involve the private sector to do more and achieve more in tourism, agriculture, mining, among others.


“With the right chemistry, approach and action plan, we will be able to transform the economy of the region which will eventually boost the economy of the nation as well,” he said.



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