Signs that suggest you’re finally over your ex


1. Signs that you have completely moved on from your ex-partner

We all know break ups can be injurious to health and life! Everyone takes his or her own time to forgive, forget and finally move on from the past. The phase when you are trying to get over your ex can be painful for many and every day seems to be an emotional struggle. However, the feeling of liberation cannot be put down into words when you realise that you have eventually (and finally!) made peace with your past. If you are wondering how to spot the signs that suggest your past no longer influences your present love life, here’s some help!


2. The texts and calls

You do not feel any need to constantly stay in touch with your ex-partner. You no longer feel the urge to message or call him just to know what is happening in his life, nor do you check your phone after every two minutes to see if there is any notification related to him.


3. Your ex dating someone else and you are OKAY with it

Your ex-love flame is dating someone else and this news has not bothered you at all. Whoa! You are completely okay with the fact that he or she has moved on in life and you are pretty convinced your present and future has nothing to do with him.


4. You are happy with your single status

Being single does not scare you! You enjoy your own company and you have friends whom you consider your support system. You do not mind stepping back into the dating game and are hopeful of a rosy future. Most importantly, you have moved past the stage where you feel tempted to stalk your ex-lover.


5. The dates and occasions

Were you also one of those partners who used to remember the date of every special occasion including the first time you both met, kissed or hugged? Well, time heals everything and fades memories (which were once close to your heart!) at times. Now, you do not remember those same dates and nor do you feel like pressurising your brain to remember them again.


6. You do not compare people with your ex!

Whenever you go on a date, you do not compare the person on the other side of the table with your ex. You do not compare how your ex-love had better traits or contemplate the decision of parting ways.


7. Have you passed this test?

Has your ex ever tried to get back in touch with you and tried to get flirtatious? Or, has he or she all of a sudden asked you to hang out or hinted you to come back? If you have said a blunt ‘no’ to any of these questions without going on a guilt trip, congratulations, you have actually manged to move on!


8. Most important one

You have learnt your lessons from your past relationship and have stopped playing the blame game. You might have got blinded in love and made few innocent mistakes but now, you have turned a pragmatic person. You have realised what are all the traits that you are seeking in your partner and what things are the deal breakers for you in a relationship.



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