23rd July 2024

Clearly, the process to elect the NPP Constituency Executives has begun. Aspirants are being vetted across the country to determine their eligibility to contest the elections scheduled for next week. I am delighted that many NPP folks are taking part in this crucial exercise and seeking the mandate of the Party to serve. This is hugely encouraging.

It is therefore critically important that the attention of the electors is drawn to the fact that they must perform their role with the PARTY FIRST agenda as their guiding tool. They must elect steadfast people capable of uniting the Party and offering solutions to challenges facing the Party at the levels they seek to lead. The task of re-building the Party is not an easy one. At this critical moment, the NPP requires leaders who will unite us, make us strong, motivate us and provide a strategic plan or direction at the constituency level to widen our base so that we can prepare well for the 2024 elections; and not those who are driven by selfish interests.

The apathy in the Party is real. Pretending everything is okay is dangerous. We require steady persons; not persons that look at everything from a selfish point of view. We must elect people who seek to resolve problems and who will lead honestly, transparently and with clear mission to re-mobilize our disgruntled members and supporters into one powerful unit.

I make a passionate appeal to our Polling Station Executives to elect people who are willing to pull us together, motivate and encourage the grassroots to continue to work for the Party. That is the only way we can stand ready for the campaign towards 2024.

Thank you.


Musah Superior
NPP GS Hopefully

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