Stop Moving Visually Impaired Persons Round Prayer Camps


The School chaplain for the School for the Blind at Akropong-Akuapem in the Eastern Region, Rev. Ebenezer Afful Eshun, has advised Ghanaians to quickly send their relatives to the School for the Blind for rehabilitation and training as soon as they are diagnosed of visual impairement and not to take them round Prayer camps and shrines. According to Rev. Afful Eshun, the earlier people diagnosed of visual impairment are rushed to the school for rehabilitation and training, the earlier and speedy the rehabilitation process.

He indicated that the school has a special place for rehabilitation for late blindness and urged workers and students or people whose relatives are diagnosed of blindness at late stages in life to take them to the place for rehabilitation. He indicated that when such people are taking there, they are taking through conselling processes and also thought how to use brail as part of the rehabilitation processes.

Accordig to him, people who are taking through the process on time are able to return to their normal duties at their workplaces or schools without much problem.

The chaplain was speaking to the media when a Non Governmental Organisation known As I Grow went to donate some items to the school. The items include toiletries, bags of satchet water, about 40 brails, assorted soft drinks among others.

Nana Debrah Bekoi, Chief Executive Officer of the NGO pleaded with the general public to remember the students. He indicated that a visit to the school shows that there are several challenges facing the school which need to be addressed saying the government alone cannot solve all the problems there.


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