15th July 2024

Because I do not subscribe to the nonsense and illegitimate birth of such a horrible thing as the so-called “Herald” newspaper published in Ghana as a gutter production to malign the good people of this country who are doing a yeoman’s job at repairing the retarding effects of the malevolent leadership that was presented by John Mahama and his ilk in the NDC party of unblessed memory, the vexatious piece that they carried in their August 3 edition against the Hon Chief of Staff escaped me until my attention was drawn to the malice it contained.
To set the records straight, the very essence of placing Honourable Akosua Frema Osei Opare in the position of Chief of Staff by the President was to ensure sanity at the Presidency when same was thrown out of the window by the NDC bootlegging officials who smuggled contraband stuff and stole indiscriminately from the nation’s coffers as if they were in a contest of wealth with Elon Musk, the latter being wealth acquired out of pure ingenuity and brainwork!
Not only did the Herald seek to embarrass Madam Chief of Staff, spitefully, by dragging her honourable name into the mud that they are so used to squirming in, but the wanton chicanery of their purpose came with obvious and self-indicting invidiousness. Her hard-won reputation that took a lifetime of honesty, pragmatism, high morals, and ethics to build cannot be shredded by urchins whose bite is like that of a toothless child that cries incessantly even when it is not hungry. Is it not insane that such vagabonds would scheme to muddy the waters for such an illustrious daughter of Ghana whose pedigree knows no filth, corruption, or disgrace? Would their publication against Chief of Staff, roping her into the internal affairs of Bost on irrelevant issues such as the auctioning of unserviceable vehicles when her office is buried in pertinent and important matters of governance not be purposeful propaganda?
How did the Herald think they could get off the hook this time round when they have abandoned all reason and self-respect which they are bereft of just to exercise their madness in the media space without any reservation at all?
Where is the Media Commission? Where is the big mouthed GJA that seeks to shine on the backdrop of flashy gatherings, wine tasting parties, and flowery language that has no fragrance or lustre to it? Where are the braggarts that sit on radios touting knowledge about issues when they cannot even say a word of truth to debunk the flagitious defecation of the Herald, knowing very well that their assertions are inflammatory lies, unfounded and distastefully dysphonic?
Well, now that they have provoked the giant lady, Akosua Frema, let us see if the Herald can withstand the blows that they are about to receive from this female Mike Tyson! Anyway, they have been given 24 hours to retract and apologise on all the networks that, shamefully, carried their puke!
We are waiting, patiently!

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