14th July 2024

Millionaires and billionaires often live on their own planets just as they often live on their own islands.

There’s a job description for their partners that’s dramatically different from the social norm for other relationships.

Before you venture into these shark-infested waters, it’s important to know what to expect if you’re marrying a millionaire.

A millionaire match may be perfect for you if you understand the real pros and the cons.

I’ve dated so many millionaires and a few billionaires. There are pros and cons that most women don’t consider before jumping into these relationships.

First, you need to understand what a millionaire match offers you and what it may not. Then you need to clarify the specific preferences of your own millionaire to see if it’s a long-term solution for love, respect, financial stability, and more!

Even if you already know the pros of dating and marrying a millionaire, the cons may surprise you.

1. Pro: He has lots of money.

Con: Since it’s his money, it’s his to spend.

Even if he’s generous, which most millionaires are not, will he spend his money on what is important to you? Probably not unless he agrees with your priorities.

In my last millionaire match, he bought me a pair of gorgeous Tiffany pearl and diamond studs on our very first date! This was incredibly generous. However, I already had the same earrings, given to me by another millionaire boyfriend!

2. Pro: He takes fabulous vacations and invites you to join him.

Con: Do you even want to ski or play golf?

Either way, you’re baking in the sun. Do you want to travel to the most exotic archeological sites or spend weeks birdwatching or hunting animals?

Remember that these are his vacations and you are there for his entertainment, unless, by some miracle, you share the same hobbies.

I’ve avoided sitting in the sun for 30 years, having spent a decade baking and damaging my skin. During my latest millionaire match, I found myself keeping him company at the pool of an amazing resort because he loves the sun.

You must protect your assets just as he’s protecting his own.

The moment you begin dating your “high net worth man,” research his interests, his children’s interests, and decide if you’re a true match or just a charm on his bracelet, otherwise find a different millionaire match fast.

3. Pro: He looks stunning in his custom-made wardrobe and you love the way he dresses.

Con: Now you have to “shop ‘till you drop.”

You start purchasing bargains online in order to look the part.

One of the dresses I wore on a recent outing received a heartfelt “Wow!” from my date. The dress cost $11 online and was truly spectacular!

Most important is that I looked like a perfect match for him because my hair, nails, skin, figure, and makeup looked millionaire-ready — and you can do this too if you know the secrets.

If you have a great figure, you can look great in bodycon dresses, bikinis, and high heels. Your body is your accessory more than any real pearls, diamonds, or gems that you probably don’t yet possess.

4. Pro: He takes great care of his body and his skin with the help of costly experts.

Con: You’re expected to look like an MGM starlet.

But, without the studio system support of hair, makeup, wardrobe, personal trainers, cosmetic dentistry, and prepaid plastic surgery.

I’ve had all of this, so, for me, it’s about maintenance, which is far less expensive. Most millionaire matches require the same aesthetics whether you’re a blonde, brunette, or redhead, so focus on your own type and make the most of yourself as soon as you can.

While it’s not easy to be gorgeous and to stay gorgeous, you can do it. And you can be your own version of gorgeous.

5. Pro: He has an amazing earning capacity.

Con: He works so many hours to accomplish his financial results that his time for you is limited.

This latest millionaire match offered me four nights and four half days at five-star resorts during a 30-day period.

If this meets your needs for connection, companionship, passion, and fun, then you may enjoy the high-profile millionaire dating option.

In the past, I have had to “drop everything” to take vacations and trips or risk losing my boyfriend to a more available companion because millionaires don’t often like to hear “no.”

With so many pros involved in dating and marrying a millionaire, you still need to evaluate all the things you’ll need to put up with in order to get there if it’s truly your goal. You really need to think about what your life will be like. But if you’re willing to put the effort in, you can make anything happen.

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