15th July 2024

Most women find sex unfulfilling because they find it hard to climax or reach orgasm.

After stimulation and excitement, the feeling ought to peek to the point of orgasm, that is a release of pleasure from head to toe.

However, most women do not get to experience this. If a woman does not experience orgasm, she will be less enthusiastic about sex.

But what is she doing wrong, and why can’t she reach a climax? Well, read on and find out.

Oxytocin is known as love hormone. It is released during sexual activity. If her body isn’t releasing enough oxytocin, then orgasming might be difficult for her.

Most women will most likely experience orgasm when they are experiencing feelings of love and affection.

She can increase the rush of oxytocin by whispering affectionate words, looking at her partner in the eyes or holding their hands.

Lack of lubrication makes sex painful and tedious for women. If she does not get well lubricated naturally, she should get a lubricant. It will make sex easierUnsatisfying sex can make women lose interest in sexual activities

Most women get stimulated by their clitoris, neck, or breasts. But it isn’t the same for everyone, discovering what she likes or what turns her on would help her climax.

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Women have to be participatory and not expect satisfaction to fall on them.

Sometimes what this means is being vocal during foreplay. If things aren’t going the way you want, you should say it. If you want certain things, then say it.

When you have a lot on your mind either about sex or life in general, it would be hard to orgasm.

Also, if you make sex too goal-oriented and all about achieving orgasm, you are less likely to do that.

So, clear your mind and just enjoy the experience.

Sex involves your mind and your body, if either one is out of place, it would be difficult to experience orgasm.

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