15th July 2024

1. How your social media habits might be turning off your lover

It has become difficult for most of us to imagine our life without social media. From sharing our photos to commenting on our friends’ posts, meeting new people to even falling in love online, social media has almost become a part and parcel of our life. However, no matter how much we enjoy spending our time on these platforms, they also have the potential to negatively impact our romantic relationships. How? Here are a few habits that can turn off your lover and make him question your social media etiquettes.

2. Posting without permission

It is unlikely that your lover will appreciate if you post his or her photograph without taking due permission. Not everyone is comfortable enough in sharing their pictures on social media and it is definitely an infringement of privacy.

3. The frequency and details

Wouldn’t you feel irritated if your social media feed is full of posts from one person almost every day? If yes, think about how your partner and even friends would be feeling. It is good to be active on social media and stay connected with your friends but posting too many photographs and updating your status every alternate day can prove to be quite irritating for many, including your lover.

4. Talking about personal life

Did you have an argument with your significant other and took to social media to discuss the issue? Well, it’s okay to comment on social issues, but washing your dirty linen in public only becomes juicy gossip for your virtual friends. If not this, do you choose to announce any good news (say promotion at work) on social media before sharing it with your partner? It is a sign that you prioritise social media over your significant other and it won’t obviously help to strengthen your relationship.

5. The way you talk

If your messages and posts are full of spelling and grammatical mistakes, it can be a major turn off for your partner as well as your friends. Also, using SMS language, especially words like ‘k’, ‘C Ya’, ‘ROFL’ , ‘LMAO’ won’t help to impress anyone.

6. What about your offline life?

If you keep checking your phone every few minutes when you are out on a date, it is obviously a turn-off for your lover. You are not just phubbing your partner but also compromising on the quality time you can spend together.

7. The ex-factor

Sharing the photographs of your ex-partner, commenting on every single post or constantly chatting with him or her may indicate you are still curious or interested in the life of your past lover. What do you think your current partner would feel like?

8. Stop stalking your partner

Everyone needs some personal space, online and offline. Your partner might not appreciate if you question or comment on everything he or she posts. Not just this, asking your partner to share the password of social media accounts or checking the phone when he or she is not around might do irreparable damage to your relationship.


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