Update: Mass Failure in Bar Exams; An Indictment on GLC – Kwaku Azar


US-based Ghanaian Accounting Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare popularly known as Kwaku Azar has stated that the mass failure of students who sit for the Independent Examinations Committee of the General Legal Council(GLC) Professional Law Course Examination (Bar Exams) is an indictment on the GLC.


Only 64 students out of the 450 students who sat for the June and September 2018 exams passed in the exams whose results were released today 19th February, 2019.

Out of the 450, 177 were also referred for failing in about two or three course with 284 failing in all 10 courses and will have to take the whole two years course again.


This years number of 64 is worse than last year’s number which sparked controversy in the country.


Last year, only 91 students of those who sat for the exams passed with the examination recording a failure rate of 81%.


The 450 students is the number of students picked out of the about 2000 LLB students from the country’s 12 law faculties who applied for the Professional course.


Prof. Asare who has been at the forefront of the need to take another look at the way the law school is being run in a facebook post stated that “after 10+ years of education, millions of cedis of investment, thousands of hours of tuition, etc., only 3.2% become eligible for tutelage? This is an indictment of the GLC and those in charge of legal education in the country.”


He said that if we exported the 2,000 students to any jurisdiction, other than Ghana, over 70% of them will successfully qualify as lawyers in a shorter time adding that “so the problem, at least at its core, cannot lie with the students.”


Prof. Asare earlier posted that “Last year by this time, we were lamenting the IEC’s grading vigilantism, which had produced a historic failure rate and inflicted unprecedented misery on law students who had passed the so called entrance exams.

Alas, the President did not take notice and no Commission of Inquiry was set up to investigate this matter of public interest.

Well, after 365 days, it should come as no surprise that the grading vigilantism continues unabated.

They say only 64 of the students passed; over 177 students have been referred; and 284 students have failed and must repeat the entire course.

When will leadership step in to stop this madness?

Da Yie!”


Source: The Evening Mail


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