Video: Boot for Boot; NDC Members in a Free for All Fight in a Suspected ‘Kumasi Killing’ Reprisal Attack


Some members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Kumasi have engaged in a free for all fight in a suspected reprisal attacks following the killing of a member of the party by some members of the party’s vigilante group, The Hawks.

In the short video available to which report says is coming from the Ashanti Region, members of the party can be seen trading dirty blows and slaps at each other as an elderly woman tried to separate the fighters.

The fight gets nasty as a man is seen picking up a bench to hit another person at one point in the video.

It is unclear what led to the current fight but report gathered by indicate the violence is in relation to the unfortunate killing that happened at the party’s Ashanti Regional headquarters.

Below is the video




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