19th July 2024

Alan Kyerematen

It seldom happens that an identifiable group of women pick up a nomination form on behalf of an aspiring flagbearer in our body politic. Courtesy of the influential Market Queens across the country, there have been several headlines on their move recently. The women have not only made a history; also, they have been instruments for the fulfilment of a biblical prophecy

I draw attention to a phenomenon that characterised the presentation of the nomination form to Alan at his residence by the Market Queens. The tête-à-tête between the heavenly wind and the NPP logo on the nomination form received by Alan was preternatural. Its connotations and significance should not be discounted.

At the very point Alan Kyerematen received the form from the spokesperson of the distinguished Ghanaian market Queens, the receipt of payment that had concealed the NPP logo on the form was spontaneously blown off, making the party’s logo visible in the hands of the aspiring presidential candidate. How is this incoherent and fatuous? There is more to that brief spectacle.


Logos are the renditions of indivuduals, groups, and institutions. They wield crucial values to the degree that they symbolise and encapsulate ideologies and traditions. A logo gives an identity and a face to, and personifies who or what it represents. Any development around the logo is explicated in direct reference to the person, group, or institution represented.

The implication of the reflexive unveiling of an enfolded logo in the hands of Alan, a man who has been a part of a great political tradition from its foundations, one who has remained an unwavering loyalist through thick and thin, and one who is seeking to lead, is unambiguous. It is a presage of acceptability and victory. Mr Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen is certainly the NPP’s best bet to “break” the eight.

The uncovering of the logo, which represents the “soul and spirit” of the NPP, was a figurative naming of a choice of a leader for the party for the next general elections. The party must continue to believe in and uphold its tradition of rewarding long service with good standing. It must remain unflawed.

The blowing off of the receipt signified the machinations, the character assassinations, the victimisation by persons in authority, the use of vituperative expressions, and the opposition that will continue to grow stronger in the spirit and the exercise of democracy. These are all like chafff and will eventually surrender to Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen. They will have no influence on Alan’s aspiration. This is the realisation of the words of the Psalmist, “The ungodly are not so,
But are like the chaff which the wind drives away,” as recorded in the book of Psalm 1:4.

Seasons of heroic leaders have never been enshrouded. Whether mysteriously or intelligibly, when the time is ripe, the leader of the era is majestically ushered into his reign. This is Alan’s season!

Source :Dr. Joseph Kwadwo Danquah
Assistant Professor of Human Capital Development,Innovation &Entrepreneurship
Bradford University, United Kingdom

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