Video: We will curse John Boadu and Blay if they make Nana go ‘one term’: Hajia Fati Blasts NPP ‘Money Sharing’ National Officers


New Patriotic Party(NPP) firebrand, Hajia Fati, has ‘blasted’ National Officers of the party who do not care about the party but only their stomach.

In a video in the posession of the Evening Mail, Hajia Fati is seen angrily threatening to curse those National officers who want to make Akufo-Addo’s work go in vain.

“We will curse you, if you make Akufo-addo go one term.” She said.

Hajia Fati stated that the National Officers since they were voted into office do not go to the office except when they are going there to ‘share money.,

“They don’t take care of anybody. They don’t take care of even party staff… even when they come to the office, they come with frowned face. ” She stated.

She cautioned those officers to be very careful since the footsoldiers they are disregarding currently are the same people they will come to meet when the Party goes to opposition.

Hajia Fati went ahead to call on the National officers to visit the party office since the party office is not a cemetery.

“Come to the party office, the party office is not a cemetery. From John Boadu…and Blay.” She said.

Watch the video below

Source: The Evening Mail


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