19th July 2024

Togbega Gabusu VII, Overlord of GBI traditional area has commended government for its initiative to plant 10 million trees as target for the 2023 Green Ghana Day.

The Green Ghana initiative seeks to enhance national awareness on the necessity for collective action towards restoration of degraded landscape in the country and inculcate in youth the value of planting and nurturing trees and their associated benefits.

Speaking at the ceremonial planting the Overlord of GBI an absolute support of the people of GBI to give it the necessary support as traditional authorities.

It is therefore imperative for us that we ensure a sustainable management of our forest resources and fine solutions to mitigate all actions that are destroying our forest and trees.

The chief described tree planting as a religious assignment and a social responsibility which every individual must engage in.

“Every religious person knows the reward he stands to gain from God due to the benefit it will give to all living things in the world. It is also a social responsibility because it is through our own activities which lead to the depletion of the forest we have in the country,” the Overlord added.

He said this on  Friday, 9 June, 2023 when officials from the ministry joined him and his elders during the event of the Green Ghana Day at Kitipa Stadium

He stated that depletion of our forest reserves is largely caused by human activities such as inappropriate farming activities, charcoal and Bush burning, timber logging.”

He stressed that if the activities are not checked, it will continue to cause the depletion of Ghana’s forest reserves.

He also commended the ministry and government as a whole for their timely intervention to plant more trees since it will go a long way to address deforestation in the forest areas of the country.

On his part, the Principal planing Officer, Mr Frank  Adigbo who led a delegation to represent the Ministry encouraged the people of GBI to fully partake in the tree planting exercise which aims at restoring Ghana’s forest reserves and making Ghana green.

He appealed to them not to just plant but also nurture for the trees to enhance the purpose of planting  10 million trees a reality.

We want to use this opportunity to appeal to all Ghanaians to get involved. It is not enough to just plant and leave it. You must plant and follow up and nurture it to grow,” He said.

He  revealed that it is the hope of the ministry to exceed the target set to plant 10 million trees across the country but emphasised it can only be achieved when all Ghanaians participate in the exercise.

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