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Wenchi: Queenmother commits suicide at cemetery

The Queen Mother of Asuano in the Wenchi Traditional area in the Bono Region, Nana Durowaah has hanged herself to death at Droboso cemetery.

According to reports, the deceased since last Thursday exhibited her intention to commit suicide by attempting to slash her throat with a knife and hanging herself with a rope, which prompted her family members to closely monitored by her.

Assemblyman for Droboso electoral area Hon. Adjei Opoku in an interview on Kasapa News said the deceased unfortunately went missing about three days ago and was found hanging loosely on a tree at the cemetery.

What has baffled residents is the fact that the late queen-mother is not known to have had any issues with anyone leaving inhabitants to wonder what must have pushed the respected late queen-mother to take her life in such a disgraceful manner.

Hon. Adjei Opoku explained that due to her mode of death, per customs and tradition dictates a decent funeral rite and burial ceremony could not be held for the deceased queen-mother.

“Customs demands that because the queen-mother did not die a natural death she couldn’t have been accorded a funeral ceremony and burial as should have been done if she died a natural death. Since she hanged on a tree, a pit was dug beneath her and the rope on which she hanged cut for her to fall into the pit, following which she was covered with sand. She wasn’t even be buried in a coffin. That is what tradition and customs demand so that was exactly done, she’s been buried.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com


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