Assembly Member Donates Mosque to District Assembly


The Presiding member for the Denkyembour District Assembly, Mr Erasmua K. Ali, has donated a mosque which can contain about 50 people to the District Assembly.

The donation is to help staff of the Assembly who are Muslims to get a place of worship whenever they are at work.

Speaking to the Evening Mail’s Akwatia Correspondent, Mr Ali  who is popularly referred to as Asanka Poyooyo said the gesture is part of his objectives of giving back to the society what the Almighty Allah has given him.

The newly built mosque was commissioned by the District Chief Executive of the Assembly, Mr Seth Birikorang, and the Coordinating Director, Mr Mark Addo, together with the Presiding member Mr Erasmus Ali.

Mr. Ali used the occasion to call on all well meaning Ghanaians and the general public who can afford to give back to the society what Allah has blessed them with.

Some staffs  of the Assembly who are Muslims expressed their profound gratitude to the Presiding member for the support and called on benevolent people to come to the aid of  the district Assembly.

Source: The Evening Mail/ODIASEMPA KWADWO AGYEI,



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