22nd July 2024

A church in Nigeria, the Living Christ Mission Inc., embarked on a street procession on Sunday, October 25 in support of President Donald Trump ahead of the upcoming November 3 polls in the United States.

The evangelical Christian church counts among its reasons for the support of Trump his aversion to abortion, support for the state of Israel as well as other reasons members say are their Christian values. Led by the church founder, The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah, nicknamed the International Mayor of Peace, congregants marched amid drumming and singing through the streets of Onitsha, Anambra in southeast Nigeria.

A video that was posted on the church’s Facebook prior to the march said the occasion was in “favor of Donald Trump and the United States of America”. The video also quoted the Bible verse from Proverbs 29:2 to buttress the church’s support.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice but when the wicked rule, the people groan,” the verse said.

But President Trump’s appeal in Africa far extends beyond the Living Christ Mission Inc.

While many have seen his ‘Make America Great Again’ as a patriotic slogan that shames Africa’s own enigmatic politicians, Trump is also widely supported by many Africans on the continent where conservative Christian values are pervasive.

In June, the leader of Loveworld Inc, on of the biggest churches in AfricaChris Oyakhilome, held a church service, partly in support of the US president, saying: “Pray for him [Trump] because when God places any of his children in a position, hell sometimes would do everything to destroy that individual.”

“They are angry at Trump for supporting Christians, you better know it. So the real ones that they hate are you who are Christians,” Oyakhilome added.

Source: face2faceafrica.com

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