25th July 2024

Actor turned politician, Desmond Elliot, has been trending on Twitter for nearly 14 hours after inaugurating a toilet in his constituency in Surulere, Lagos, on Thursday.

While inaugurating the project, Elliot said, “Commissioning (sic) of a public bio-fuel toilet in Love Garden field, Surulere, Lagos which was facilitated by Hon Elliot. It was donated by Ladi Lawanson, the Commissioner for Transportation.

“This isn’t just a building neither is it just a toilet but one that converts waste to manure so nothing is wasted as we keep the environment clean. Sincere thanks and gratitude goes to Ladi Lawanson for making the bio-fuel toilet a reality. Thanks to the Australian Government for sponsoring the project.”

However, Elliot, who is a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, was accused of doing too little for his constituents as his followers asked him if constructing toilets was the best he could do in his four years in office.

Some of his followers said Elliot’s action showed that youths may not necessarily perform better than the older politicians when voted into office.

Offor Cyril wrote, “We wanted ‘Not too Young to Run bill’ signed. We wanted more youths in governance. APC gave us Yahaya Bello and Desmond Elliot, the toilet commissioner.

“We have the power to throw the APC and Desmond Elliot into that toilet with our PVCs. Vote wisely.”

@Ilynem tweeted, “People like Desmond Elliot is the big part of the reason we doubt these new generational not too young to run politicians. They are mostly younger versions of the old ones. The man is smiling and commissioning toilets. Tufia!”

However, some of Elliot’s supporters came to is defence, explaining that he did not build the toilet but merely inaugurated it.

@Ak_cute tweeted, “Desmond Elliot didn’t build the toilet. It was donated to his constituency by an organisation. Read the notice on the wall for more clarifications. We are quick to spread bad news. The good ones will never go viral. Negative energy everywhere.”

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