Many of us, as young as we are, cannot shape the future befitting us, our nation and the world at large, without being provided with incentives, coaching, love and care. Nations are only as successful as their younger generation and achieving success is a national responsibility not limited to governments only. This is our way to the future and the general direction of our development vision.

Development is an accumulative process and sharing the future is an endless one. All this bulks down to entrepreneurial leadership. Entrepreneurial leadership is one of the most complicated issues to explain, we all know what “entrepreneurship” and “leadership” mean but what we tend to forget is that there are different types of entrepreneurs and leaders.

The leader of a selected group of people is not the same as one leading an army or country. While most people are equipped to lead in a domain, leading countries and nations requires a lot more. Some may say, leaders are born and not made, which may or may not be true. Others say leadership cannot be learned because it is something you either have or do not.
Based on experience and observation, can we say with reasonable confidence that entrepreneurial leadership is a gift that some people have and in more or wider proportions than others using Bill Gates (Microsoft founder), Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter and Square) and many others who left school to be multi-millionaires. A classic and Biblical example is the parable of talents in our Holy Books.

Personally, entrepreneurial leadership is a spirit, I believe. Entrepreneurial leadership spirit cannot be implanted or removed, because it is deeply rooted in genealogy, upbringing and instinct while its branches are perfected by several factors such as time, wisdom, science, expertise, experience, dexterity and contact with others assimilating their skills.
The several factors outlined above make people to be easily identified as entrepreneurial leaders or not, because we all have spirits or gift of leadership.
The most gifted or spirited entrepreneurial leader is however, one who does not shape only the present but a good part of the future as well.

Written by: Emmanuel Abu Apenteng


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