16th July 2024

Talented Ghanaian rapper Gambo has picked the number one spot in Accra for Apple Music.

Gambo’s latest hit single titled: ‘Boys Aye Wild’ is number one on the Top 25 list for Apple Music in Accra.

This is a great recognition of the tremendous efforts Gambo has been putting into making great songs since he emerged onto the Ghanaian music scene.

About ‘Boys Aye Wild’ banger

In this day and age where most men are looking for partners that will go half or full on everything, Gambo begs to differ.

Touted as a very outspoken person, the 2015 Teens Choice winner after releasing three bangers namely, Kwacha, Missed Call and Drip, came out with the hit single ‘Boys Aye Wild’.

‘Boys Aye Wild’ is a song that talks about boys taking care of their girls’ financial needs because if they do not honor that obligation, another man with the right attitude towards catering to a partner will snatch their women just like how the hawk attacks its prey.

To be fair, the current economy does not allow men to spoil women but according to the Kwacha crooner, men need to hustle harder if their current financial situation is not conducive for them to be in a relationship.

Gambo, who believes in scaling one’s hustle, urged others to invest wisely when they come into money. The 26 year old rapper can boast of owning a slew of tech stores spread across the major malls in the country and also dabbles into real estate.

When asked by www.africanentertainment.com at a recent presser for the Video release of ‘Boys Aye Wild’ which was premiered on YouTube, how he has been received by the godfathers of the music industry, Gambo stated that the response has been warm especially that of the Shatta Movement boss, Shatta Wale. He claimed that being the outspoken person that he is, is the reason the king of dancehall supports him and urges him to keep pushing and not hold back because of naysayers.

Also on the case of bloggers and how they make and unmake stars, Gambo replied that there was nothing like bad press. He went on to say that if you get the opportunity to be criticized, one must always take it with a pinch of salt and make the necessary adjustments where need be.

And his ranking on Apple Music is a clear testament that he has not only been accepted by top players within the industry but indeed the masses in Accra and of course across Ghana.

Watch the Apple Music top song ‘Boys Aye Wild’ official video below


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